BYuT Accuses MIA of Persecutions and Asks Moroz and Tsushko to Cool It

By on 05.11.2007

Rivne, BYuT BYuT demands the Office of Prosecutor General to immediately implement all measures envisaged by the law to stop political persecution of bloc activists in the regions.

The petition of the bloc’s press service claims that “Ministry of Internal Affairs [MIA] implements a provocative scenario on discrediting early election results and intimidating BYuT activists who worked during the election campaign at the lowest level.”

“BYuT began to receive letters from militia with demands to provide lists of people who worked in local election headquarters. These demands were sent to district election headquarters of our bloc in Rivne region,” claim the bloc members.

BYuT members are convinced that MIA actions have “an openly intentional political nature and their author is ‘Moroz’s stained hero’ Tsushko who acts on the orders of his party boss.”

BYuT assures that it “won’t be intimidated by political clowns regardless of the fact that they are still in power for a few more days.”

“Our activists worked in election headquarters on a voluntary basis and did their job because they really wanted to,” stresses the petition.

BYuT demands MIA representative office in Rivne region “to register the money obtained by harassment from suspected persons and persons who are now in jail.”

Meanwhile BYuT advises the entourage of SPU leader Oleksandr Moroz and personally Vasyl Tsushko “to calm down and be strong enough to realize and accept their transition into political non-existence which became the consequence of their treacherous position towards the Ukrainian people.”

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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