Leader of Regions Party in interview to Rivne-1 TV

By on 23.09.2007

Rivne, Viktor YanukovychLeader of Regions Party in interview to Rivne-1 TV company stressed need to change executive power system. On a canvassing trip to the Rivne region, Viktor Yanukovych noted that one should abandon the practice of appointing local officials from Kyiv.

According to him, they should be elected to be countable to the society. Of course there are efficient officials, but they are few. A lot of populists have come after the 2004 elections, while professionals are needed. What goes to the need of holding the early parliamentary elections, Viktor Yanukovych expressed his confidece that Ukraine does not need them. This money should have better been directed to raising salaries, road construction. These elections are aimed at satisfying ambitions of some politicians, he noted, adding that such early elections will be the last in the Ukrainian political practice.


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