Mykola Tomenko and Ivan Vasiunyk to come to Rivne

By on 24.01.2008

Rivne - TomenkoThe final stage of the public hearings addressing problems of moral and spiritual upbringing of the young generation is to be held in Rivne on Jan. 24, Rivne oblast council press secretary Svitlana Stelmashchuk told ZIK.

Ukraine Vice Premier Ivan Vasiunyk and lawmaker Mykola Tomenko have confirmed their participation in the conference.

The hearings were initiated by Rivne oblast council commission on culture and social policy in Dec. 2007 and have received national coverage. A lot of feedback coming to the commission from oblast residents show that Ukrainian are deeply concerned over spiritual health not only of the underage but also of other age groups.

Comment by the ZIK information agency

The hearings in Rivne on moral and spiritual upbringing were sparked off by a film shown on the web in which a group of teenagers egg and smear passers-by with paint. Such acts are the doing of an organization that calls itself "Rivne Bums." According to one of the victims, he was attacked by teenagers late at night while waiting on a bus stop. They started throwing eggs at him and tried to hit him on the back with a piece of meat. He was saved by a guitar on his back and a bus that arrived. In the opinion of Rivne lawmakers, the situation is so grave that it should be tackled at the national level. Lawmakers recommended to hold similar hearings in all oblast rayons. All proposals made by the public in the course of the hearings will be sent to Verkhovna Rada.

ZIK information agency

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