Recycling Rivne garbage

By on 14.02.2008

Rivne garbageTalks with foreign investors who allegedly wanted to build a garbage recycling plant in Rivne ended in a deadend, Rivne city council secretary Yury Torhun said Feb. 13.

Rivne has seen a number of delegations of foreign investors who were eager to recycle local garbage. Initially, allocating a land site for the plant was a major problem. Later on, when the land issue was settled, foreign investors stopped coming to Rivne.

Yury Torhun puts it down to the Kioto protocol that makes it possible for foreign entrepreneurs to receive funding from the EU budget for environmental projects. Apparently, Torhun assumes, due to the difficulties of receiving such funding the number of investors wishing to build a recycling plant in Rivne has dropped sharply.

Western Information Agency Corporation

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