Rivne: Death of 6 teenagers in train

By on 28.01.2008

Rivne, trainFollowing a tragic death of 6 teenagers in the Rivne Oblast, the prosecution accused the railway authorities of violating safety rules. The high-profile accident will be investigated by the Prosecutor General’s Office, Rivne Oblast prosecutor Anatoly Pryshko told the ZIK information agency Jan. 28.

Rivne prosecutors are currently trying to find out who was guilty of the accident: the teenagers themselves by going on the rail tracks, or the train engineer. “So far, we have examines the scene of the accident, inspected the fire-engine and retrieved the speed-meter, started forensic examination of the bodies. We also questioned 20 persons. Everything is set to reproduce the repeat of the accident, Rivne Oblast prosecutor said.

Comment by ZIK

Six teenagers were killed by a Kyiv to Ivano-Frankivsk train at 00:56 on Jan. 27. The bodies are being identified by police. According to preliminary reports, the teenagers, aged 15 to 19, were returning home from a dancing party in a neighboring town, the UkrZaliznytsia state railways company press service told ZIK Jan. 28.

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