Rivne nuclear power plant

By on 06.06.2008

Rivne nuclear power plantJun 05, 2008 (BBC Monitoring via COMTEX) -- [Presenter] There was a leakage of
liquid from a cooling system at a Ukrainian nuclear power plant recently.
Enerhoatom [state nuclear power company] today confirmed that the second
power-generating unit of the Rivne nuclear power plant was switched off for
repairs on 29 May. The security system indicated that a pipe supplying water to
the reactor had burst. But the accident took place at the second circuit, which
does not come into contact with radioactive materials, specialists say. 

damaged pipe has been replaced and the reactor is once again operational. Atomic
scientists say that the leakage was minor, nothing in comparison with what
happened in Slovenia [brief shutdown of the Krsko plant following a water leak].
No radioactive surges at the Rivne plant were detected.

[Viktor Stovbun, captioned as executive director for production at the
Enerhoatom nuclear energy company] They [presumably the Slovene plant] had,
according to the reports we have heard, a leakage of some three cubic metres,
which at our grids would qualify as an accident. But we had three litres per
hour, which is entirely within acceptable norms.


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